Countries where the most beer is drunk

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the world.

It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, for so many people every opportunity is good to consume a great beer, and this is true for so many countries around the world.

Here are who are the world's biggest beer drinkers per capita (i.e., those where the most beer is drunk, on average, per person).

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Top beer consumers per capita
Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It doesn't matter if it is winter or summer, for many people every occasion is good for consuming a good beer and this is true for many countries around the world. Here is who the biggest beer drinkers per capita are (i.e. those where, on average, more beer is drunk per person).
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10. Ireland (81.6 liters per person)
In tenth position we find Ireland, home of the historic stout Guinness, whose brewery is the St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin. The Irish capital is also home to the iconic Temple Bar, a nightlife hotspot for many Irish people and tourists.
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9. Slovakia (81.7 liters per person)
Ninth place for Slovakia. Here, beer has also been used in politics: in 2019, the face of candidate Zuzana Caputova (the first female president of the state) appeared on beer bottles in anticipation of the election results.
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8. Lithuania (84.1 liters per person)
In 2003, 'Euro' beer was brewed in Lithuania to encourage people to vote for EU membership in the referendum held in the Baltic state 20 years ago.
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7. Namibia (84.8 liters per person)
Namibia is the country on the African continent where the most beer is consumed per person. However, when considering the total amount of beer drunk (not per person), South Africa ranks first.
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6. Estonia (86.4 liters per person)
In the ranking we find yet another Baltic country, Estonia: in this photo, former Estonian Prime Minister Juhan Parts toasts with his Latvian counterpart, Einars Repse.
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5. Germany (92.4 liters per person)
Germany, one of the world's largest producers of beer, but also one of the countries that likes to consume this beverage the most, could not be missing from this list. Certainly one of the events where the most beer is drunk is the historic Oktoberfest, the world's largest fair, with an average of six million visitors each year and a consumption of around 7.5 million mugs of beer.
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4. Romania (95.2 liters per person)
Just off the podium is Romania, which in recent years has seen an exponential increase in beer consumption, but also in its local production. In this country, hops are readily available because they grow wild on river banks and in forests.
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3. Poland (96.1 liters per person)
We remain in Eastern Europe, in this case Poland, where there are plenty of pubs where you can drink excellent beer. Among the most famous Polish brands is 'Tyskie', which holds almost 20% of the local beer market. Brewed in Krakow at the 'Kompania Pivovarska' brewery for over 600 years, Tyskie is one of the few Polish beers to be exported abroad.
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2. Austria (96.8 liters per person)
Second place for Austria, where the annual Oktoberfest takes place, as in Bavaria: the host city for this folkloric event is Salzburg.
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1. Czech Republic (191.9 liters per person)
At the top of the world's largest beer consumers per capita is the Czech Republic, with as many as 191.9 litres of beer per head! The Czech Republic is unrivalled and has been at the top of this ranking for more than 30 years according to 'Kirin Holdings', who carried out this interesting research.
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