Ten incredible museums of illusions around the world

These museums offer a unique experience that combines art, science and optical illusions to challenge visitors' perception of reality.

Here you can experience walking on a ceiling, becoming a giant, or disappearing into a swirl of colors.

Illusion museums are designed to stimulate the mind and make you challenge your perception of reality. In this article we will take you on a journey through some of the best illusion museums in the world, from New York to Istanbul to New Delhi. You will discover what their most amazing attractions are and how they can change your perception of the world.

Are you ready to be surprised and enchanted? Then take a seat and let's begin our journey through the 10 incredible museums of illusions in the world.
Istanbul - Turkey
The Istanbul Museum of Illusions, an interactive, immersive and fun journey with more than 60 illusions to see and experience. Filled with jaw-dropping exhibits, the museum is perfect for families, friends or solo travelers. It is located on Istiklal Street and is probably one of the best places to go for fun in the city.
Shanghai - China
The Shanghai Illusion Museum offers you a space suitable for both social and fun tours of the world of illusions that has delighted all generations. It is a perfect place for new experiences and fun with friends and family. It is not only a place for children to adore, but also a place for parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers.
Madrid - Spain
Located between Lavapiés and Puerta del Sol, the Madrid Illusion Museum is a space for social and entertaining tours that enter the world of optical illusions and delight audiences of all ages. In the museum you will find the Ames room, the hanging room, the infinity room, the anti-gravity room and the vortex tunnel. It also has the smart game room where you can train your mind with various games and the dilemma room.
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Enter a world of visual and sensory magic at the Dubai Museum of Illusions, located in Al Seef along the Dubai Creek. With more than 60 different exhibits, this vast collection of optical illusions and immersive installations is perfect for entertaining the whole family. The museum is also a great educational and enlightening experience for all ages, allowing visitors to test their senses and reconsider assumed perceptions with stunning yet playful shows such as the Dilemma games or the masterfully deceptive Ames Hall.
Busan - South Korea
The Museum of Illusions of Busan, is located near the coast of Busan, surrounded by the lovely Museum 1, from the Busan Museum of Art and GoEun Museum of Photography. It is a perfect addition to the itinerary if you wish to explore the city.
Athens - Greece
Located in the heart of the city, many tourists passing through Athens can feed on the stimulus of Monastiraki square and all the majestic ruins such as the Acropolis before testing their brains at the Museum of Illusions. The museum tests basic perceptions and lets you see how the human brain processes endless streams of information every day. Make your way through a vortex tunnel and enjoy mind-boggling installations and games.
New York - United States
The New York Museum of Illusions, located at 77 8th Ave, offers you a space suitable for both social and fun tours of the world of illusions that has delighted all generations. It is a unique place for new experiences and fun with friends and family
Cairo - Egypt
The museum is one of the unusual attractions travelers can enjoy in Cairo, famous for the great pyramids. Enjoy activities in Ames Room, Anti-Gravity Room and many others.
New Delhi - India
The museum of illusions is also in New Delhi. Get ready for an amazing experience you won't forget! Remember that in the museum of illusions nothing is as it seems!
Budapest - Hungary
Among the many cathedrals and historic buildings that fascinate tourists in the city of Budapest you can also find and visit the Museum of Illusions, located in the heart of the city.
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